Intergenerational invitations for FestivALL: July 2019

Published: May 13, 2019

Gloucester Diocese is an active member of the multi-agency movement, FestivALL. As a partnership, we are working together to break down barriers in our communities across ethnicity, faith, ability, sexual orientation, class, age and gender and create opportunities for us all to discover more about the people, places and organisations in our area.  Each partner organisation is free to work in the way that suits their core ethos, recognising the wide overlap between many of our values and concerns, and the advantages of working together when possible. There is an opportunity here for churches to take advantage of the regional network in order to develop local partnerships, deepen community engagement and work for the wellbeing of our communities.

In 2019, we have chosen July as FestivALL month. The plan for this month includes:

  • Local events: small, large and everything in between
  • A month of acts of community kindness
  • Profile raising through the media, in the general area of communities and neighbourhoods that include everyone, as well as FestivALL in particular.

While churches who would like to participate are free to do so in whatever way makes sense locally, we have a focus this year on intergenerational invitations.  The value of intergenerational working has been much in the media, the general idea being a simple mixing up of the age groups: the elderly visiting a toddler group; residents of a care home invited to the dress rehearsal of a school production; a coffee morning opened up from the usual older clientele to invite parents and pre-schoolers to join them; a group of children singing in a residential care home.

More on how to get involved is on this linked document: FestivALL 2019 intergenerational

Cate Williams and Jo Wetherall, May 2019

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