New Church Army centre of mission

Published: Tuesday January 8, 2019

People drinking coffee and chattingWe are delighted to be able to report that Church Army have accepted our invitation to establish a new Centre of Mission in the Diocese as part of an established programme to work in close partnership with the local church to enable mission and evangelism. They aim to play a significant part in the renewal of the churches ministry not just in the communities in which they are based but by acting as a catalyst for change to impact the wider culture of the Diocese as a whole.

Connecting with the Church Army’s commitment to working in communities of social deprivation the programme will begin in Matson with the appointment of a lead lay Evangelist and we expect to develop this further in Coleford later in the year.

More details of the Church Army’s work

The programme is part funded by the Church Army itself with the balance being met through some savings and some small additional trust funding. There is no impact on parish share.

‘This is a very exciting development’ says Bishop Robert. ‘The Church Army have years of experience, a fantastic track record, many gifts of insight and wisdom and Bishop Rachel and I are thrilled that they are going to be sharing this with us in this way.’

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