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Published: March 18, 2019













The internship package is a generous one, with PSALMS covering the cost of the New Wine Discipleship year programme and paying weekly pocket money. PSALMS also covers the cost of any residentials or camps that the intern is expected to attend as part of their placement (such as our TRAC camp or the Limitless Festival).

PSALMS also pays to cover the cost of accommodation in which the intern stays during the placement  In addition, any fuel costs and material costs incurred as a result of the intern’s work are also covered.

There are two individual internship streams to choose from:

  • 1) Sports Specialism: This stream is ideal for those who are interested in developing in youth work, but also have a passion for sports and sports ministry for those aged 8 to 18. More conventional youth work practice is combined with sports activities in a variety of ways.
  • 2) Youth Ministry: PSALMS Youth Ministry Stream aims to develop core youth work and ministry skills through community, schools and church work.


Further details and Internship Year Documents


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