QI Architects & Surveyors Conference: A Tremendous Success!

Published: Wednesday April 3, 2019

Gloucester, Hereford and Worcester Diocesan Advisory Committees hosted an Architects and Surveyors Conference on Friday 15th March, focusing on the theme of ‘Joining forces to Create Solutions’ – certainly a timely event to reflect upon the shared challenges faced by Church Buildings Teams throughout these Dioceses and, more importantly, a chance to discuss and present solutions.The conference offered a fantastic opportunity to meet with Architects and Surveyors who undertake the Quinquennial Inspections (QI’s) for churches in these areas. Insightful and illuminating, the discussions definitely provided a better understanding of the changing situation of our church buildings. Whilst routine maintenance and care remain essential, the importance of adapting these spaces to meet the needs of local communities and ensure the relevance of church buildings was a significant issue raised throughout the event.

We were very fortunate to be joined by The Bishop of Worcester, Dr John Inge, who presented on this topic and emphasised the importance of church buildings to be accessible, adaptable and open to all – incredibly relevant in the current climate. In order to achieve this for church buildings, maintenance is vital therefore the role of the QI Architect and Surveyor is crucial. The event initiated a valuable discussion on how this role has altered, what challenges arise and what support and solutions are available.

To supplement these discussions, there were a number of speakers to provide information on conservation matters, funding guidance and new technology which could vastly enhance the inspection and maintenance process which was very exciting. A huge thank you to all our speakers and delegates who attended – there is already great anticipation for the next conference!

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