Shapes for Living

Published: January 10, 2019

Shapes for Living Lent CourseWe are pleased to announce the Diocese of Gloucester’s course to help you make your own Rule of Life.

Through the LIFE vision we listened to congregations’ requests for more support in deepening their prayer life and relationship with God. Shapes for Living offers a fresh way of exploring what is traditionally called a Rule of Life. It is about the whole business of being alive – with ourselves, each other and God. It aims to help groups to evaluate their current priorities within the areas of relating, praying, working, playing and growing. Participants are invited to consider how they might bring their lives more into balance, keeping their relationship with God at the centre.

Introduction video

Bishop Rachel invites you and people in your congregations to gather together during Lent to explore the ideas in the booklet. There are also videos, social media content and resources for families to use at home. In addition to these resources, all Church of England schools in the Diocese will be receiving a resource pack with materials for one complete act of worship for each of the five weeks leading up to Easter. The materials for this are all available here. You may like to make contact with your local church schools and get involved with these collective worships or incorporate them in your existing schools programme.

Course resources and downloads all available on the SfL page →


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