Explore faith: Your SHAPE for God’s Service

Published: Monday November 4, 2019

SHAPE is for anyone who wants to explore their faith more deeply. It can be a step towards specific vocational work but first and foremost it is about knowing ourselves before God. Please encourage anyone from your worshipping community to join us.

As Christians we know and believe that every one of us is made in the image of God and that we have a part to play in building God’s kingdom.  Often we get caught in the busyness of life so much that the things we get involved in and the gifts we use are more by chance than thought through. It’s rare to have the chance to spend time thinking about ourselves and what life in all its fullness might mean for us.

SHAPE is a reflective course, originating from Carlisle Diocese, which offers individuals the chance to explore who they are, their relationship with God and what gifts they already have and those they might like to develop. SHAPE is an acronym for Spiritual gifts, Heart’s desire, Abilities, Personality, Experience. Over five sessions (one a month) we will explore each of these subjects together and then spend the following month reflecting and thinking about what this means for us.

The course is free. It will run on six Tuesday evenings between January and July 2020, from  4 College Green (opposite Gloucester Cathedral).  For a list of dates and to book click here, if you require more information contact Pauline.

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