A message for all taking funerals, from Dean Stephen

Published: Tuesday April 28, 2020

Dean Stephen offers a message to all clergy, Readers and other lay ministers taking funerals in the present crisis.

“Please be assured of our prayers here at the Cathedral for us all and especially for those who are suffering in the current crisis caused by Coronavirus. At an appropriate point in the future, the Cathedral will want to offer the opportunity of one or more services here for all those who have lost loved ones throughout the diocese, whether due to the virus or not.

“Amazing pastoral work is taking place despite funerals being so limited in size and scope. As we minister to the bereaved, I want to encourage all those leading services to feel free to say that there will be such a service, and that personal invitations will be made in due course.

“The Cathedral will want to involve all those who have led these funerals. Do continue to keep details of bereaved families so that contact can be made in the future through parishes. The cathedral will be in touch with parishes in the usual way at an appropriate moment.”

Bishop Rachel says, “I am delighted that Dean Stephen has made this significant commitment and I’m sure it will continue to provide comfort and hope at this challenging time.”

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