All lives can’t matter until black lives matter

Published: June 30, 2020

Takisha Sargent, a young person in the Diocese of Gloucester, shares why all lives can’t matter until black lives matter.

She says, “I’d like to take this time to tell you about the honest realities of what it’s like to grow up in England black.”

Takisha is a member of the congregation at St Peter’s, Newnham and is reading music at Cardiff University.







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19 thoughts on “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter

  1. All Lives Matter. It is absolutely wrong to single out the lives of one race as being more important than another race. Do Asian lives, Chinese lives, and other races matter less? That is the inference of the BLM movement and what you say above.
    To say that White Lives have no value until black Lives Matter is outrageous. What about criminal black Lives? Do they matter more than law-abiding White Lives.
    The CofE should not be linking it self with an organisation that has been hijacked by the Marxists. By you supporting the BLM, you are approving the destruction of national monuments by rioting mobs, the attacking of the police by BLM carrying posters and flags.
    What about the millions of poor white lives that are now being marginalised and yet not a word about them by the CofE to provide balance. It is outrageous that you do not make it clear that Jesus did not differentiate on race which is exactly what the Cof E is doing by joining this dangerous organisation. My belief is that the hijacked BLM organisation will turn more and more to violence and end up aligning with radical extremist. The CofE will then be culpable and wonder how did it end up in that position. I should point out I am Asian.


    1. Just as Jesus did, BLM is asking for some semblance of equality, that’s all.

      BLM is not platforming one race above other races ~ that would be racism. For example if someone were to imply that ‘criminal black lives’ may be worth less than ‘law-abiding white lives’ ~ that would also be racism, sounds like a Daily Mail narrative, and would indeed be the philosophical opposite of what Jesus preached.

      1. Interesting. There is a problem: Who will decide the point at which we reach “Black Lives Matter” so that the lives of the rest of the non black people Do Matter..will it be you, the CofE Arch Bishop, the PM? And what will be his criteria for determining that point..who will decide the criteria. You can see what a ridiculous and divisive statement All Lives Cant Matter until Black Lives Matter is.

  2. Would Takisha like to comment on the well-known fact that the greatest danger to black lives in this country is not from the police or the white population, but overwhelmingly from other blacks, mainly men.

      1. Well-known facts are called racism by those who can’t face the truth

        1. Could you provide a link to back up the statement that black men endanger more black lives than anything else, please? I believe there are many, complex, systematic and educational racisms which cause great dangers to black lives, and we all need to work together to identify what they are and sort them out. Reducing everything to whataboutism and blame isn’t going to help black lives, and it certainly doesn’t help society as a whole.

          1. Here are two links that provide plenty of evidence that black on black violence is disproportionately high:
   Ethnicity of perpetrators and victims of knife crime in London 2008-2018
            House of Commons Library Briefing Paper 8224 on Homicide Statistics March 2020, pp. 10-11

          2. According to that report, 83% of white suspects’ victims were white, whereas fewer (80%) of black suspects victims were black. So by your logic, perhaps white people have the real problem, because white-on-white crime is so significant?

            Or … perhaps we should stop using blame and division as an excuse not to listen to the complexity of our brothers and sisters legitimate struggles. Yes white lives matter, but black lives are overwhelmingly devalued thanks simply to their race, in a way that white lives are not. The issue is not murder rates but constant, subtle assaults to everything from representation to employment, and that’s something that needs to change.

      2. Here we go the racist card by someone who can’t make an intelectual argument. Lets try this…you’re a racist for saying “it’s called racism”. Do yoy see how easy it is.. It’s meaningless… Put forward an intelectual point for discussion.

    1. You are absolutely correct. I have taken a screen shot of the outrageous statement ALL lives cant matter until Black Lives Matter for social media.

  3. I see my perfectly reasonable question has been suppressed. It’s pathetic, isn’t it, that bien pensant liberals like you are too psychologically and intellectually frail to engage in realistic debate and prefer to deal in politically correct slogans instead,

  4. I guess these sorts of comments highlight the need to help educate ourselves and others. Nobody is inferring that white lives matter less, simply that black lives matter, that’s it. Shouldn’t be too controversial really. We use our privilege to stand with the oppressed and abused. Pretty simple.

  5. You have drifted away from the subject of your video in these comments and into a defence of the Marxist BLM movement.

    The most explicitly anti-Christian aspect of the violent organisation you are attempting to defend is its commitment to the abolition of the so-called “nuclear family” on the grounds that it promotes a ‘patriarchy’. To be clear, this means making l the sacrament and holy institution of marriage, ordained by God for the raising of children, illegal.

    “Shouldn’t be too controversial really”. I disagree:
    • In 2016, BLM attempted to blockade Heathrow and London City airports and disrupt the travel of many thousands of people.
    • BLM’s stated aim is to “dismantle capitalism”.
    • It aims to rid our country of all its border controls and demands the abolition of the police and the abolition of prisons and detention centres and release all criminals.
    • It is campaigning to end ‘stop and search’ by police, a measure proven to reduce the disproportionately large number of black teenagers who lose their lives to knife crime, from ‘black on black’ stabbings.
    • BLM’s violence has hospitalised more than 100 police officers.
    • It has vandalised Sir Winston Churchill’s statue in Parliament Square. This important statue is now covered over because of the threat that BLM poses to it. BLM says this vandalism is justified because Sir Winston Churchill was ‘staunchly racist’ – the man without whom it seems all but certain that Britain would have lost the war to Nazi Germany, with all that would have meant for the future of the world’s civilisation.
    • BLM has desecrated the Cenotaph, the most important memorial to our nation’s sacred Fallen. Then, when young, off duty Horse Guards troopers volunteered to restore this sacred memorial they were attacked by BLM rioters.

    What is clear is that the longer people in positions of leadership bow down to BLM, metaphorically and physically – with organisations like the Diocese of Gloucester giving BLM apologists airtime to promote it – the more divisive and damaging it is to race relations. BLM will be delighted with this; division has been a key strategy for the advancement of Marxism since the 1930’s when it was realised that “the proletariat” of UK, USA and German and other leading, developed nations were more driven by aspiration for themselves and their families and a desire for self-improvement than anti-capitalist revolutionary fervour.

    An architect called Ike Ijeh disagrees with you and wrote this in his article published on 28 June, “BLM feeds into the same wretched culture of victimhood and oppression that has been cynically championed by the left for decades. By continually caricaturing black people as perpetual victims of systemic white racism it infantilises them by depicting us as stupid, helpless and impotent cultural punchbags, forever crushed beneath externalised discriminatory forces beyond our control.
    It is a grotesque form of reanimated cultural imperialism that envisages a world in which every black action can only ever be a reaction to white provocation, as if we were little more than flaccid puppet minstrels forever tied to the string of white mastermind omnipotence. In so doing, black people are absolved of our need to take responsibility for our own actions and futures and must instead await salvation by accepting that our own freedom and empowerment are not ours to claim but a white establishment’s to give.”

    Perhaps not “pretty simple”.

    1. Wowzers, where to begin with this … I don’t think I’ll argue with a series of Daily Mail headlines. Perhaps the kindest thing we can say is that we’re all trying to get it right, and sometimes we get it wrong. I certainly do. Rather than labelling people, let’s listen to them.

      1. I don’t read the Daily Mail. Ofcourse we all get things wrong but it’s through intelectual discussion that issues are thrashed out for objective truth to emerge..unless you say truth is subjective in which case there is no hope. Be Kind is latest jargon word being sprayed about on social media. So easy to’s going to get everyone’s like…but to be really kind? Jesus gave us a levels to aim for in being kind…turn the other cheek, sell everything and follow Him. Being a Christain is hard, really hard!

    2. Excellent factual points made. As Christains we must stand-up to Marxism. Left wing liberals promoting this dangerous ideology should try living in China, Russia, Cambodia and then declaire their allegiance to an ideology that killed millions and still impression millions at the point of a gun. We Christians need to wake up and see the consequences of left wing liberals taking over our Universities, the Media and our Institutions like the CofE and destroying our Western democratic Judeo Christain societies

  6. I would like to ask is All Lives Can’t Matter until Black Lives Matter the official position of the CofE? If we can’t get an answer from the top what is the position of the Diocese? Please answer.

  7. – Chaotic thought
    – Accusation
    – Conspiracy theories
    – Politicising a basic human request for equality

    … yep. Seems about right. Imagine having to deal with this on a daily basis due to the colour of your skin.

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