Archdeacon Hilary Radio Interviews

Published: Tuesday July 7, 2020

Archdeacon HilaryThe Venerable Hilary Dawson was interviewed on Sunday by a series of radio stations. The shows  talked about how From next month, special courses and training will be offered to clergy to help them cope with the trauma caused by coronavirus.

Clergy have had to take covid funerals and support bereaved families unable to attend funerals, deal with anxiety, depression  and isolation felt by parishioners – but what about them and the long term trauma they may face from their part in steering communities through coronavirus.

The University of Exeter has already been offering blogs, meditations and reflections and will be offering formal training to clergy across the country, starting next month.

She shared how she has found those blogs, meditations and reflections to be “a lifeline”.

 To listen to the interview from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire click here and listen from 2.45 minutes into the program and  click here and listen from 2.52 minutes into the program for the BBC Three Counties Radio interview. 

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