Art angels create hope in Redbrook

Published: Tuesday September 1, 2020

Children age 3 to 15 in Redbrook have been meeting on Zoom to create hope through artwork. An exhibition of their work took place in Redbrook Church over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Art angels began in the village of Llandogo, to cheer up the community with a message of hope. Using the Queen’s speech about meeting again as inspiration, the children made a large sign to encourage people in their village.

The idea was picked up by Claudia Peake, an artist, teacher and mum in Redbrook, who wanted to bring the idea to the children of her own village.

The children of Redbrook made a sign for the village green, reminding people to Keep Smiling.

Each week, meetings take place over Zoom and children share their artwork in a slide show. They then learn new techniques and discuss new ideas. They have learned to use chalk and pastels, brusho, acrylic paint, watercolours, decoupage, photography, collage, paper marbling and tie dye.

Claudia said, “Lockdown was a really creative time in our village.”











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