Cancellation of PCC meetings

Published: Wednesday March 18, 2020

We ask that all non-essential meetings, which include PCCs be cancelled. We understand that due to how fast the situation is developing that some meetings between people may have to take place to ensure governance continues. However strict hygiene practices need to be followed and physical distancing measures. But we would ask you first to determine if these meetings can be done by email/phone/Zoom etc. Below, we suggest a number of ways in which you can work remotely:


  • It’s free to use (up to 100 people on the call/videocall)
  • Can be used across all devices
  • You don’t need to download an app
  • Can download an app if you want to
  • Can use a ‘code’ for people to be able to join a call – which is emailes around a group


  • Free account calls will only last 40 minutes at a time (however nothing stops you from starting a new call straight away)
  • Currently voice calls are limited on free accounts due to the huge rise in demand


Download link for the app:


  • Free accounts
  • Available on all devices


  • You have to download the app to be able to use it

Google Hangouts link



Further guidance will be release over the coming days.

One thought on “Cancellation of PCC meetings

  1. Will the 2020 present arrangements for Parish APCMs and the Archdeacons Visitations planned for May be changed because of COVID -19?
    We know that the new Church Representation Rules do already allow APCMs to take place up to the end of May but……

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