Churches pop up craft cafe draws in 250 in Cam and Dursley

Published: Tuesday August 4, 2020












A new pop up creative cafe in Cam and Dursley has had over 250 children learning new craft skills in the past two weeks.

Visitors get a drink and a cake and then get to watch local artist Abi Nicol demonstrating some new craft skills. Clay pots, wind chimes and bunting have all been on the menu in the first couple of weeks. The families brought back their clay pots to be fired once they had completed their handiwork.

Every family who joins in gets a creative bag so they can try out their new skills at home, and a snack pack for an impromptu picnic on the way home.

The initiative is a collaboration between Cam and Dursley Churches Together. The partnership includes the local Anglican churches, The Tabernacle, URC-Dursley, Quarry Chapel, 3C Church and of course artist Abi Nicol who is a development worker for the Quarry Chapel.

Fiona Crocker, Vicar of Cam with Stinchcombe said, “It has been a real united effort to get this Cafe and art initiative up and running in four weeks especially with all the Covid restrictions to abide by. However after our  first two weeks of seeing over 250 children in the various cafes we feel that it has been well worth it. We wanted to do our bit in showing God’s love to our local families who are going through these extraordinary times. It has also been a privilege to work with such an amazing team, we have shown that we can do so much more  when we are churches together.”

Local donors including churches, councils, Gloucestershire Funders and charities have funded the initiative, meaning that children can have fun for free this summer.

Abi has also produced and launched a free i-spy book, which was given out to as many school children as possible at the end of term and can be picked up locally too.

Pick up a copy from local venues, either the Post Office (Cam/Dursley), Froffy Coffee Cafe (Cam), The Bank Cafe (Dursley) or Kingshill House Arts Centre. It includes exciting facts, trails and treasure hunts all designed to help everyone explore where we live and to have fun along the way.



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