Digital Labs Conference

Published: Wednesday September 9, 2020

The Church of England’s Digital Labs conference is a two-day online conference to inspire and equip
Church of England churches to share Good News, grow people’s faith and bring more people to faith
by harnessing digital and social media

The conference will be held on 23 – 24 October 2020, online.


Join them as they talk about topics such as livestreaming, mix mode services, online engagement and insights. Plus, network with churches, speakers,

and experts in our first online conference taking place this October. Digital Labs is run by the Church of England Digital Team. 
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What will you learn?

If you run your church’s digital channels or are interested in setting these up, come along to Digital Labs to discover these skills:

  • Using A Church Near You
  • Learn how your church can approach in person and online services and events
  • How to use online communication tools to build engagement
  • Livestreaming from your church building
  • Using digital to reach younger generations
  • How leading organisations use digital strategically
  • Case studies from churches using digital successfully
  • An overview of the Church of England’s digital plans for the future
  • And many more

Is this for me?

Are you a clergyperson, ordinand, reader,  church leader, youth worker, social media manager, PCC member, graphic designer, video editor,

livestream producer, A Church Near You editor, or perhaps someone who is just getting started? This conference is for you! At Digital Labs,
you’ll learn how to use online communication tools to build engagement, create accessible online services, reach into your local community,
and engage new people. Whether you are a church already livestreaming and using social media, or whether you are just getting started –
attend Digital labs and be inspired for your next step.

Register for the conference  here today!

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