National Maintenance Week 20-27 November

Published: Tuesday November 17, 2020

Diocese of Gloucester iconNational Maintenance Week is taking place at the end of November, just as winter weather threatens its worst. This year, the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) is holding a free online lecture exploring the importance of regular care at places of worship of all dates and types. It will highlight the vital role played by volunteers in looking after these complex buildings at the heart of our communities. You can book your place here.

The SPAB have also produced a maintenance calendar, which provides a useful month-by-month checklist to help you take care of your church building:

In 2019, Historic England undertook some research that demonstrates the economic benefits of keeping church buildings in good repair. It found that keeping roofs, gutters and downpipes in good order was key. It also suggests that dealing with problems when they are first identified results in a saving of around 15-20 percent, when compared to the cost of resolving a problem at a later stage. You can find out more here.

Keeping church buildings in good repair improves their energy efficiency too. It is an important starting point for addressing the General Synods target for Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030

If you have any queries regarding the routine maintenance or repair of your place of worship, the Church Buildings Team is here to help. Please contact us on 01452 835593 or email




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