Play bags for children in need

Published: Thursday June 4, 2020
Cathy Pascoe, Children and Families support manager at Kingsholm Primary School in Gloucester.

The Diocese of Gloucester have teamed up with Play Gloucestershire to support their Bags of Play project.

Local children’s charity Play Gloucestershire, have distributed 1,500 Bags of Play to children in need across the county, as part of their emergency response to the Coronavirus crisis. Play Rangers and volunteers have filled the bags with soft foam balls, skipping ropes, balloons, chalks, paints, scrap and more to offer some playful respite to the children most in need across the County.

A list of playful suggestions from the Play Rangers – who are normally out and about in parks and open spaces across the county – is also included, further helping the children to be creative and active.

The Diocese of Gloucester have purchased 250 of these bags and distributed them to the most vulnerable children through our school network.

Bishop Rachel said, “I am so pleased we have been able to support and get involved with this project as play is so important for children’s mental health and wellbeing. We hope that the children who receive these play bags will have some great fun, getting creative with all the art and crafts materials to choose from.”

Play Gloucestershire’s Director of Play, Pip Levett said. “Children always need to play, but especially now. Play is so therapeutic in times of crisis and we hope that our ‘Bags of Play’ bring some joy and happiness to families in Gloucestershire”.


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