Remembering Srebrenica

Published: Thursday June 18, 2020

An interactive online commemoration event will take place on Friday, 10 July at 6:30pm (see below)

Dear friends,

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Srebrenica genocide, where 8372 men and boys were murdered simply because of their Muslim faith in July 1995. Remembering Srebrenica, a British charitable initiative, will be working with people across the country to remember and honour the victims of Srebrenica during the Memorial Week from 5-12 July.

In 2019 Lucy Taylor and I joined a group of Christian women on a visit to Bosnia organised by Remembering Srebrenica and reflected further on the lessons of Srebrenica. We know that the seeds of genocide begin with an ‘othering’ of people and sadly that is all too prevalent in our communities locally as well as nationally and globally. Recent events sparked by the horrendous murder of George Floyd have highlighted this and it is poignant that Remembering Srebrenica’s theme for this year is ‘Every Action Matters’ which aims to show that those who stand up and unite against hatred can make a difference.

‘Every Action Matters’ sets out to dispel the notion that one person cannot make a difference and shows that the action of one individual does matter, and that they can achieve a great deal, however small their action may appear initially.

I would like to encourage you to partake in Srebrenica Memorial Week and allow it to stimulate further reflection, prayer and discussion as we reflect on how we live a Kingdom of God vision.

While our services may be different at the moment, Remembering Srebrenica have developed a range of resources that can be used for physically distant and online commemorations during online services on either Sunday 5 or 12 July. These resources are available to download from their website.

The Diocese of Gloucester is glad to support this theme and Remembering Srebrenica in their efforts to create stronger and more cohesive communities.

Please email or phone the Remembering Srebrenica team on 0121 454 3343 so that they can register your activity, no matter how small and show that every action truly does matter.

This comes with my gratitude and prayers as ever.

Yours sincerely

Bishop Rachel


An interactive online commemoration event will take place on Friday, 10 July at 6:30pm

Register here 

The commemoration will remember all those killed in the Srebrenica genocide, all those killed in acts of inhumanity during the Bosnian war, the 50,000 women and girls who were genocidally raped and all who stood for and stand for stronger communities, understanding, solidarity and peace across the world.

As the founder and Chair of Remembering Srebrenica, Dr Waqar Azmi OBE has said: “Though it has been very hard to cancel face-to-face events it has been inspiring to see the various online ideas and innovations our team have created to still commemorate fitting for those victims who were murdered for no other reason than their identity.   We continue to draw strength and inspiration from those who, during the genocide and ethnic cleansing in Europe’s worst atrocity since the second world war, were bold enough to resist an ideology of division, protect their neighbours and speak out for truth and justice.”

Remembering Srebrenica is the UK charity which works to bring the lessons from the Bosnian genocide to the UK.  It works within communities to celebrate upstanders, equip people to challenge hate and intolerance and to remember that, as the theme for this 25th anniversary states, Every Action Matters.


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