A message from Bishop Rachel

Published: October 31, 2020


Dear sisters and brothers

‘The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.’ John 1:5

I am acutely aware that this evening’s news from the PM will be raising all sorts of questions about this next month of lockdown. This is simply a holding email to assure you that as always we will disseminate clear information as soon as the Church of England’s Recovery Group receive details next week. What I am very clear about is that our communities and country need us to be people and places of prayer and hope amid anxiety, distress, loss, uncertainty and fear.

On the eve of All Saints I want to thank you for being among the saints in this diocese and for your commitment to living and sharing the truth that the darkness will never overcome the light and life of Christ. I am also aware that you are weary and having to constantly deal with the unexpected ‘changes and chances of this fleeting world’. Being people of light is not about having to be constantly upbeat – it is about being authentic disciples of Christ, weeping and lamenting as we cling fast to hope. As that verse of the famous All Saints hymn says,

O blest communion, fellowship divine,
We feebly struggle, they in glory shine;
Yet all are one in thee, for all are thine.
Alleluia, Alleluia

Please know that you can be in touch at any point and I know the Archdeacons will be ready to support you through your concerns and questions.

With my deep thanks and prayers

Bishop Rachel


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