Service for those affected by cancer

Published: Tuesday February 25, 2020

Pause for Hope is a national charity that enables prayer services throughout the UK for all those affected by cancer, from patients and carers, to medics and health professionals, all are welcome of any faith, or none.

Canon Richard Mitchell, Gloucester Cathedral, said: “This is the first time that a Pause for Hope Service has been held at Gloucester Cathedral. It’s an opportunity to focus prayer, offer hope for all those who minister to those with cancer, and those who receive ministry in the world of cancer care. We pray for the continued development of treatments and welcome those with family members who have bravely borne this illness, and all who live with it today.”

Members of all religious dominations and faiths are welcome to this service, as well as those with little or no faith.

Raymund Donnelly who founded Pause for Hope said: “Pause for Hope is now in its 21st year and every year it reaches the hearts and minds of so many people whose lives are touched by cancer. It brings comfort, consolation and hope to those who have cancer, have had cancer, or have lost loved ones to cancer. The uplifting nature of our services helps those attending to cope with the difficulties and distress that cancer can bring.”

This special service will be held at 7.30pm on Thursday 19 March 2020 in the Nave at Gloucester Cathedral.

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