Taking a risk

Published: May 22, 2020

Thought for the week by Bishop Robert, as shared in the Citizen on 28 May 2020

The truth is that its hard. Not only that, it’s getting harder. Staying at home (as most of us were asked to do) was relatively easy, well at least it was clear in that we knew what we had to do. The next stage of our journey is more complex as we negotiate our way out of lockdown back to some greater semblance of normality in work, school and family life. We are going to be asked to make decisions about our lives, the things we do, and don’t do, what we let our children do, or not, and the truth is we will have to act knowing that we can’t know all the facts but have balance the risks we take. This of course is nothing new, we take a risk each time we walk out of our front door, it is just that the risks are greater, and we are far more aware of the uncertainty. Its not surprising that we are anxious and if we are honest many of us a bit afraid.

Of course, risk is very much part of the Christian story. God takes a risk in creating the world and humanity, giving us care of creation, not that we have made a great job of that recently, in sending Jesus to share our life and above all else in Jesus’ acceptance of the way of the cross, the greatest, most audacious risk, to enter the darkness to find resurrection life. Christians believe that we in turn are invited to take that risk and to live not just for ourselves but for others amid life’s uncertainty.

We are anxious, we are a bit afraid, and given all we have lived these last few weeks with, for some, added grief for those we have lost, it’s not surprising that going back to work, sending our children to school, going out, feels a bit scary.  What we do, as a nation, as individuals, needs of course to be measured, considered, perhaps cautious, but it can’t be risk free. We don’t have all the facts, and yet we still have to act, the alternative is we do nothing and that’s not that attractive an option either.

None of us can escape the fact that in these coming days we will have to take some risks. The Christian story inspires us as we make this journey to have the confidence to know that it is in this that we can find life and build better community that includes all, a better society for us all as a tribute to all we have endured, to those we have lost and to the risks we have taken.

Bishop Robert

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2 thoughts on “Taking a risk

  1. I agree wholeheartedly – nothing can ever be completely guaranteed, and we cannot live like this forever. We must also remember that for the vast majority of the population, the risks of Covid-19 are manageable. In this light, I hope churches can open again soon, with suitable precautions – though sadly “at risk” groups may have to wait a little longer.

  2. Thank you Bishop Robert for a sound message to us all, I think you actually touched on every aspect of our situation these days and your advice and support is most appreciated. As you say, Jesus lead us to take risks full on and as we try and emulate his teachings we need that up to date reassurance by those we look to for guidance.
    Again thank you.

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