The Journey: festive fundraiser for YMCA

Published: Tuesday December 1, 2020

man rowing on a rowing machineFrom Monday 14 to Friday 18 December, PSALMS will be running a 90 mile rowing fundraiser called The Journey.

The aim is to raise money for YMCA Cheltenham, so that every client can have a Christmas gift this year.

Each day, after school, young people will sign up to take on 20 minute slots of The Journey – 10 minutes of rowing on socially distanced rowing machines and 10 minutes of exploring The Journey. On Friday the clients at YMCA Cheltenham will be rowing and exploring.

‘The Journey’ we shall explore will include the journey we are all on, the journey individuals at YMCA have been on and Mary & Joseph’s 90mile journey to Bethlehem.

This will be explored through questions and looking at the stages of their journey in weird and wacky ways via both live stream and rowing sign up.

There will be daily Facebook live events on the PSALMS Facebook page at 5pm

You can watch the promotional video here 

The link to our fundraiser: Give to The Journey

Our Facebook page for the live stream: click here

If you’re interested in getting involved you can sign up at:

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