Videos to take children, schools and households through Easter and beyond

Published: Tuesday April 14, 2020

The Bishops and Archdeacons take us on the journey of the days following Jesus’s death





Wednesday 15 April, 9am

Tomorrow Archdeacon Phil talks barbecues, burgers and changing the world.


Tuesday 14 April, 9am

The road to Emmaus… Archdeacon Hilary takes us on a journey of discovery… and who can guess what she is making?

Monday 13 April, 9am

Bishop Rachel takes us behind locked doors and closed windows to share in the fear and the emotion of the days following Jesus’ death.

Easter Sunday 12 April, 9am

Bishop Robert unwraps his Easter egg on YouTube and shares his thoughts about this essential part of Easter.

Easter resources for children and young people
Growing Together – a special ongoing resource
Connect with Youth groups and workers


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