Winchcombe’s Way of the Cross

Published: April 10, 2020

When coronavirus stopped the cast of The Way of the Cross from taking to the streets of Winchcombe this Good Friday, they turned to Radio Winchcombe to ensure that people could hear the message.

Volunteer amateur actors from every walk of life performed this traditional passion play, showing Jesus’ last few hours, from sentencing, right through to crucifixion.

It adds a different dimension to the reading released by the Bishop’s senior staff today.

The Revd Rachel Murray of St Peter’s Church, Winchcombe, directed the play. She said, “Before we reach the eggs, chocolate and bunnies, there is blood, pain, sacrifice, suffering but most importantly, love.

“Good Friday is about encounter. Jesus had all sorts of encounters on his way to the place of Crucifixion, good, bad, violent and heart rending. Just as we encounter these things in our own lives, we can learn from his meetings with Pilate, the Roman soldiers, his mother, Simon of Cyrene and John. These characters all feature in our performance, played by members of our own community.

Listen to the Way of the Cross

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