Youth Ministry Update from Barrie Voyce

Published: Tuesday September 15, 2020

Young people distancingThis advice is correct as of 15 September 2020. Please check the National Youth Agency  website for the latest updates and information.

With young people back at school, many of our church youth ministers have been planning on re-starting work with secondary aged children over the next few weeks. The announcement from the Government on 8 September restricting social groups to six people seemed to have stopped a lot of these plans.

However, the National Youth Agency, which has been working closely with the government throughout the COVID pandemic, has confirmed that youth groups are not affected by these changes, as youth work is considered an Essential Service. The NYA produce clear, government-approved guidance for youth groups which can be accessed here.

To summarise the current rules:

  • Youth Groups of young people (11-18) can meet together inside or outside in a maximum “bubble” size of 15 (including leaders)
  • Multiple bubbles can be created on a particular site, but each must be completely separate and treated as such (a great example of this is the recent 10@TRAC days run by PSALMS)
  • Members of each bubble should adhere to the current social distancing requirements.
  • Upon arrival/departure, participants should wash their hands or use hand sanitiser.
  • Social distancing should be maintained during all activities. (eg 2m or 1m+ distancing)
  • Organisers should be aware of attendees who are clinically vulnerable or clinically extremely vulnerable and should prepare their risk assessment accordingly.
  • Deep cleaning of any areas should be organised before and after sessions, especially when other activities will be happening in the venue within 48 hours
  • As transmission is lower outside, outdoor activities should be organised as much as possible.

Its really important that activities are risk assessed, and that details for Track & Trace are taken and maintained. Should any member of a bubble become unwell, all members of the bubble should contact NHS Test and Trace. All members of the bubble (including leaders/visitors) should also be suspended from attendance and requested to self-isolate for 14 days.

For further help and advice, please contact Barrie Voyce ku.gr1680184596o.duo1680184596rtset1680184596animu1680184596lli@e1680184596irrab1680184596

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