Month: October 2021

Message from Bishop Robert, 26 October 2021

The account of creation in Genesis chapter 1 contains the refrain as God makes the land, sea, plants and even us, men and women, that ‘God saw that it was good’. As humankind is created ‘in the image’ and ‘likeness’ of God we are blessed and given responsibility for the stewardship of the earth. In the image of the one who creates out of love, we are to care in the same way…

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Message from Bishop Rachel, 19 October 2021

In the aftermath of the shocking murder of Sir David Amess, I was struck by some words I heard on the radio spoken by Bishop James Jones (Bishop of Liverpool prior to his retirement). He spoke about the way we treat one another and speak of those with whom we disagree, not least those who serve and lead publicly. He spoke of a society that so often lacks mercy.

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You can’t love like God without loving his creation, blog by Abby Button                              

The most encouraging posts I read about living sustainably are the ones that say you don’t have to do it perfectly or change everything about your lifestyle, but to do something little is better than nothing. Thankfully we don’t have to fix this problem by ourselves, but in partnership with God, whose power is greatest in our weakness.

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