A video message for our Readers

Published: Friday November 12, 2021

A portrait of Lee standing in front of foliage

Have you met Lee Barnes, our new Warden of Readers and Lay Ministry Officer for the Diocese of Gloucester? Lee and his team support, develop, and promote Reader ministry and other lay ministries across the Diocese.

In this introductory video he introduces himself and his team members Jane Walden, Associate Warden of Readers, and Administrator Ellie Griffiths-Edwards to the Reader community.

He thanks, encourages, and pledges to pray for our Readers, as we approach Advent and look towards Christmas and that start of 2022.

Readers have been asking for ways to connect more closely with others in the same role across the Diocese and with this in mind there is a new Facebook group for Readers.

He is encouraging people to sign up to Diocesan mailings and to consider setting up Deanery-wide Reader WhatsApp groups for people to connect locally.

Lee’s role is to support anyone exploring licensed or commissioned lay (not ordained) roles in our diocese with their ministry, so feel free to contact him whether you hold an ‘official’ role in the church or not.

You can watch the video below.



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