Area Deans and Lay Chairs

Published: Wednesday January 27, 2021

NB. Safeguarding Advisory Panel rep for Area Deans is David Russell (Wooton ↓).

Deanery Area Dean Lay Chair
Cheltenham Gary Grady assisted by:

Roger Widdecombe (inter-deanery meetings)

Josie Goodwin (Pastoral)

Deanery Administrator:

Liz Johnson

Sara Turner
Cirencester Equal co-area deans:

John Swanton (First Contact. DMPG, Area Deans meetings Deanery Finances)

Andrew Cinnamond (Vacancies, Deanery Strategic Plans)

Graham Morris (no portfolio until after clergy conference)

Val Thorne (Clergy wellbeing including  PTO and retired)

George Collins
Forest South Vacant post

Assistant: Mike Barnsley

Chris Witham
Gloucester City Jo Pestell  assisted by:

Rob Crofton

Sarah Todd

Les Riley
North Cotswold Katrina Scott Michael Storey
Severn Vale Jacqui Hyde assisted by:

John Longuet-Higgins

Sue Padfield
Stroud Susan Murray assisted by:

Howard Gilbert

Liz Palin

Margaret Sheather
Tewkesbury and Winchcombe Stephen Walker assisted by:

Julia Hook

Steve Grindrod
Wooton David Russell . Tel: 01454 294267  (Safeguarding Advisory Panel rep for Area Deans) assisted by:

Michael Cozens

Carole Ann O’Donnel

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