Bishop Rachel speaks on inclusivity

Published: Wednesday April 14, 2021

Bishop Rachel in House of LordsBishop Rachel gave a speech in the House of Lords today, during a debate on an inclusive society. She spoke on three areas: children and young people, churches and faith communities, and those living in the shadows.

She said, “As a Christian I’m passionate about an inclusive society, and I believe this pandemic has heightened awareness of both exclusion and inclusion […] perhaps this pandemic has made us aware of the issue of many people being hidden, yes those on their own behind locked doors, but also the abused, the unemployed, those with mental health issues, those in poverty, those in prison, etc etc. Who has been seen and heard, and who has been hidden and silent?”

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One thought on “Bishop Rachel speaks on inclusivity

  1. Well said…! Also, let’s ensure our parish churches include those who, for whatever reason, choose not accept the Government’s offer of covid experimental vaccines. Over 1,000 Christian leaders have already signed an open letter making the case against so called “vaccine passports”

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