Celebrate your local choristers

Published: Monday August 16, 2021

International Chorister Day is a new initiative from the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) to celebrate the opportunities and experiences available to choristers at all levels from grand cathedrals to local parishes.

Take a look at the Chorister Day webpage where you will find details of a showcase event in Croydon (including how to join) but also other events happening across the UK and worldwide. The resources are there for you to put on your own event, too.

Also coming soon on the webpage is a place for sharing your experiences of being a chorister. If you are a Twitter or Instagram user, then this hashtag will feed directly to it: #InternationalChoristerDay.

If this isn’t your thing, you can simply email them material to moc.m1680183799csr@s1680183799eiriu1680183799qne1680183799 and they will include it – or click here to complete a simple form. For some inspiration, have a read of and listen to some of the stories that are already up there.

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