Christian Aid and VaccinAid appeals – please donate what you can

Published: January 4, 2021

Thank you to all those who have donated to our partnership project with Christian Aid as we give thanks for our Covid-19 vaccine.

Over £13,300 has been raised by people in this diocese donating to the Christian Aid appeal. You can add your donation at

It is more urgent than ever that we commit to a global approach in our fight against Covid-19 and omicron. Many communities around the world are suffering and don’t have access to vaccines, and many of them lack the basics they need to protect themselves against the virus, like clean water for handwashing.

When you or your family member are vaccinated, please give to those who don’t have access to vaccines.

Funds from our appeal are helping vulnerable communities around the world, and Christian Aid partners have so far directly helped over half a million people in 27 countries in the face of the pandemic. This has included access to soap, food and vital health information, as well as the distribution of food packages to people struggling to feed their families after losing work during lockdown and the economic downturn.

The VaccinAid campaign is another initiative that offers people a way to donate directly towards the cost of jabs for others around the world.

You can do this directly via the VaccinAid campaign as well as funding humanitarian relief that communities desperately need at this time via the Christian Aid campaign.

Thank you for sharing Christ’s hope and love with our brothers and sisters across the world who are less fortunate than ourselves.

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