Coronavirus update: Toddler groups

Published: Tuesday April 13, 2021

Update to national regulations for baby and toddler groups, correct at 12 April 2021.

As of 12 April baby and toddler groups can reopen indoors.

Groups must have no more than 15 attendees. Children under 5 years and someone who is working as part of the group, such as a group leader, are not counted in the number.

There is conflicting advice on some websites about whether masks need to be worn. The government website states that adults still need to wear face masks, unless they have a valid reason not to.

Early Years Alliance, has clear guidance on the use of toys, record keeping etc.

Social distancing needs to be maintained alongside the handwashing/sanitising precautions we have become used to.

Singing can take place but needs to be just the leader and the under 5s.


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