Epic ride to deliver Christian message to COP26

Published: Monday September 13, 2021

Euan accepts a copy of the Diocese of Gloucester's Environment Policy from Andrew Braddock, Director of Mission and MinistryA very important piece of paper was handed over to two men on bikes at Gloucester Cathedral on Tuesday before they cycled off at speed… but what was it all about?

Euan is cycling between Truro and Glasgow to highlight Christian concerns at COP26 with fellow cyclist Roger joining him for much of the way. As he passes each Cathedral, he is stopping to collect a copy of their Environment Policy, to show some of the breadth of Christian energy for climate action.

The Diocese of Gloucester’s Environment Policy states our intention to be carbon neutral before 2030. This policy, along with the policies from all the other dioceses the men pass on their journey, will be collected and passed to our representatives at COP26 in November.

Cate Williams, Diocesan Environmental Engagement Officer got on her bike to join them for a time and interviewed them about their motivations for the trip.

Euan said, “Scientists have been warning about this for forty years or more and the problem is the longer people delay, the harder and more costly the change is going to be.”

He talked about countries in the South Pacific that are disappearing and the important role of Christian communities must play in raising the alarm. “The Church understands the problem and is able to take action – we now need some more leadership from you as governments to do the right thing.

You can watch the full conversation below. We apologise for the poor sound quality in this video – we recommend switching on the subtitles to watch, which can be found by clicking the subtitles button on the bottom right of the YouTube video.

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