Message from Bishop Rachel, 9 November 2021

Published: Monday November 8, 2021

Bishop RachelAs we continue our LIFE Together, I hope and pray for an even more kingdom-shaped panorama across the Diocese of Gloucester.

I pray that in the coming years there will be a rich variety of sustainable and diverse worshipping communities, long-established and new, celebrated as living and breathing beacons of love, hope and justice. Our worshipping communities will be enabling the Body of Christ to grow, be strengthened and to participate in God’s work amid joy and pain, such that new and existing baptised followers of Jesus Christ of all ages, backgrounds, colour and accent, are increasingly confident in living and sharing their stories of faith in their everyday contexts, rooted in prayer.

Stories of faith will be growing through strong links between pre-school groups, schools, homes and local worshipping communities, and we will be at the forefront of caring for creation.

Across the diocese, we will be partnering with organisations, and making connections with people committed to the care and transformation of lives, communities and the environment, grounded in our desire for God’s kingdom to come on earth as in heaven.

As we serve and engage with the struggles and delights of the people and places of this diocese, people of all ages and backgrounds will be inspired to discover Jesus Christ and life in all its fullness, and become disciples.

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