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Published: Monday April 26, 2021

The Revd Gary Grady, the Link Officer in the UK for our partnership with the Diocese of Dornakal in India, spoke to John Smith on BBC Radio Gloucestershire  (1 hour and 8 minutes into the show). The Link Officer in Bangalore, in our partner diocese of Karnataka Central, the Revd Christy Gnanadasan (pictured left) is on (from 2 hours 39 minutes into the show), speaking about how the church is helping people to access hospital beds and medical supplies.

Listen to the show here —>

India is suffering from a very severe second wave of Coronavirus and we have received news from our two partner dioceses, Karnataka Central and Dornakal, about how it is affecting them.

Karnataka Central Diocese, based in and around Bangalore, has seen a huge rise in infections across the city and state and the hospitals are struggling to cope with the numbers and with lack of resources, including oxygen. Sadly, three of the clergy in the diocese have died and several people, including Bishop PK Samuel, diocesan staff and members of congregations have been infected, with many now recovering and quarantining at home. Schools and churches are closed. The Link Officer in Bangalore, the Revd Christy Gnanadasan, writes: “ Things are not good at the moment. Many are not getting beds in the hospitals. Kindly remember our nation, our state, and our diocese in your prayers.”

A similar story is emerging in the Diocese of Dornakal. Dornakal is predominantly rural with small populations centres, but the virus is sweeping through the towns and villages and there is a severe shortage of hospital beds and oxygen. Sadly, two of the clergy have died, with many being infected or in hospital. The second wave has also postponed the process of electing a new bishop, to replace Bishop Prasada Rao who died in office in October last year. Our Link Officer in Dornakal, Mr Shubhakar Ashirvadem, writes: “You are all in our daily prayers. Please pray for the Diocese of Dornakal and for India.”

The Disaster Emergency Committe have set up an emergency coronavirus appeal to help India’s most vulnerable people as they face this devastating new wave.

If you would like further information please contact our Link Officers:

Karnataka Central: Canon David Bowers  moc.t1680245542enret1680245542nitb@1680245542srewo1680245542bd1680245542

Dornakal: the Revd Gary Grady moc.t1680245542enret1680245542nitb@1680245542ydarg1680245542yrag1680245542

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