Stand for Diocesan Synod – last chance for nominations

Published: Tuesday June 15, 2021

A message from Karen Czapiewski, (Chair of the House of Laity and Chair of Diocesan Board of Finance).

Could you stand for Diocesan Synod? Do you know someone who might be right for this role?

There are a few days left to put in nominations for Diocesan Synod, a forum in which the concerns of parishes, deaneries, the wider diocese and the national Church meet as part of the Church of England’s legislative structure.

Representatives from each Deanery meet three times a year to listen, debate and discuss a varied agenda, always grounded in prayer, and it is important that we do all we can to reflect the diversity of who we are together across age, ethnic backgrounds, church tradition etc so that the rich diversity of our church is shared and combines to ensure our church continues to thrive in the service of Jesus Christ.

Do you know the right people to engage in this for the next triennium? As we continue to seek to live life in all its fullness, we need to enable our governance structures to bring that fullness of life to Synod. Deanery secretaries are currently organising elections and would be pleased to hear from you, especially if you are able to bring a new perspective. Or perhaps you know someone who would be ideal but who needs to be invited or nudged?

Please be quick – the timetable is tight and nominations need to be in almost immediately. Contact Kerry Pateman on

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