The Pilgrim Way

Published: Tuesday January 26, 2021

Bishop Rachel and Bishop Robert hope that there will be a number of worshipping communities who use this Lent as an opportunity to seek out adults and young people who are wanting to explore what it might be to make a decision to follow Christ.

The Pilgrim Way Church of England booklet lent course
In the four short videos below, Bishop Rachel and Bishop Robert enter into a short conversation sparked by each of the sections outlined in The Church of England booklet The Pilgrim Way: The Apostles’ Creed; the Lord’s Prayer; the Commandments; and the Beatitudes.

The bishops’ spontaneous conversations are not intended to be teaching tools but are an invitation to continue in conversation as you explore each of the short sections more deeply, and a booklet is available as a simple guide to the beliefs that lie at the core of the Christian faith.

Even if you are not familiar with the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the Commandments and Beatitudes, it is all simply explained in the booklet linked below.

Watch the four conversations videos below
Booklet: Visit the Pilgrim Way website


Watch the Pilgrim Way videos here:

(filmed before the Coronavirus Pandemic)

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