The winner of the 2021 Sermon Slam

Published: Monday April 26, 2021

CSermon Slamontestants had just three minutes to deliver an attention grabbing, exciting and inspiring sermon in the clearest and most creative way that they could.

Natalie Marshall gave her prize-winning sermon on the challenges that God gives us and the ‘lowly things in life,’ – “God’s power is made perfect in our weakness.”

Some of the runners up were:

Richard Atkins (BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Faith Producer and Methodist Minister) who took us on a journey back to his teenage years and thanks God for all that she has revealed to him over the journeys of his life.

and Maurillia Simpson who shared a heartfelt and thankful message full of praise to God that Jesus never fails.

The five finalists were all completely different in their styles and their way of sharing God’s message but well worth a watch. If this has inspired you to take part in next year’s Sermon Slam, like the Christian Arts Festival Facebook page for more opportunities and events like these.

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