YMCA Cheltenham – Trustee Treasurer

Published: October 7, 2021


YMCA Cheltenham
Position title: Trustee Treasurer
Responsible to: Board of Trustees
Responsible for: Strategic and Financial governance oversight
Term of office: 4 years (flexible)


YMCA Cheltenham is a dynamic and growing Christian Charity operating in Cheltenham and Gloucester, with wide and far-reaching ambition to support even more people who are facing significant life barriers, such as homelessness, long-standing addiction, abuse, catastrophic circumstances, or otherwise extraordinarily difficult or chaotic life histories.

This year we have provided in excess of 47,000 nights of safe and supported accommodation to those in significant need across our service portfolio in Cheltenham and Gloucester. In addition to those people we have also provided good quality, affordable accommodation to 21 residents through our James Smith Row and Dulverton Court properties.

We have recently set out our plans for the next 3 years. These plans are designed to strengthen the work we are currently engaged with, while also preparing for significant growth and development in subsequent years. Our plans include the methods by which we can employ all our assets to the fullest benefit of our service users through new and innovative pathways to independence, as well as how we might develop increasingly meaningful engagement with the communities in which we operate.

We are also exploring ways in which we can enrich and deepen our relationships with the church communities throughout Gloucestershire, seeking to bring mutual benefit and strengthening of our respective ministries going forward. Trustees are satisfied with our performance and are pleased that current and future activity, and developmental plans, can all be appropriately resourced. Board meetings are chaired by the Chair of Trustees and are attended by the CEO, advisors and other individuals as considered necessary.

All Trustees are expected to make an active and dynamic contribution to the Board, the organisation and to supporting our work. Trustees have wide-ranging skills, knowledge and experience appropriate to governance and strategy.

The overall role of the Treasurer is to maintain an overview of the Charity’s affairs, our strategic planning and to provide guidance to help ensure financial viability, and support the requirements underpinning proper financial governance and procedures. It is stressed that this is purely a strategic role and does not require functional book-keeping or accounting work of any kind.

For the full description  Treasurer Role and Person Specification please click the link.

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