Month: September 2022

Message from Bishop Rachel, 27 September 2022

Next month is International Black History Month and it leaves me feeling uneasy. It’s not because I don’t agree with bringing Black history into the frame or ensuring that so many stories about people and places are made visible, or that we are challenged regarding racial justice; rather, my uneasiness is because it can look as if people only need to think about all these things for one month of every year.

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Message from Bishop Robert, 20 September 2022

It will be a great joy to welcome our Reader community to the Cathedral this coming Saturday for our Annual Reader Day and, in the afternoon, our Annual Service during which Bishop Rachel will be admitting three new Readers who have now completed their training.

Readers have a long and distinguished history of ministry and play a significant part in the ministry of the church today and we owe them a great debt of thanks. Of course, their ministry is significant for all they do in preaching, teaching, pastoral care and, more recently, in pioneer ministry. It is, however, equally significant for what Readers are.

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Message from Bishop Rachel, 13 September 2022

Last Tuesday, many of us were looking at pictures of Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, receiving our new Prime Minister. Amid a time of yet more political upheaval and economic uncertainty, the Queen was there – that figure of constancy and unity. Then, just 48 hours later, everything changed, and this Tuesday we find ourselves mourning the death of a beloved Queen.

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