Basic and foundation training options

Published: Friday October 7, 2022

If Parish Safeguarding Officers are struggling to get all relevant people to complete basic and foundation safeguarding training, here are some options to help your church officers to access the learning.

  1. Sit with one or two people over a cuppa and go through the e-learning with them on your account or create an account with them. Let us know who you did this with, and we can create a certificate.
  2. We do have slides and a script for this course. If you are interested in having these then you would be facilitating and leading the session and you will need a co-trainer. We would suggest the incumbent for this.  If you let us know who attended and completed the course, we can issue certificates for them.
  3. Let people know about the face-to-face sessions led by the Diocesan safeguarding team. These are all on the events page of the Diocesan website and can be accessed on the link below.

For more information on safeguarding training, visit the

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