‘Building faith, brick by brick’ at Lego Bible Club

Published: Tuesday August 2, 2022

Lego Bible creation made by a child Since Easter, St Michael and All Angels Bishop’s Cleeve has held a Lego Bible Club each Thursday afternoon in the church. Melinda Morris, Children and Families Ministry, shares how the club came about.

“Earlier in the year, I was walking in the park with my friend, Glenda, and she mentioned she had a friend who ran a Bible-based Lego club a few years ago. I thought it was a fantastic idea and when I discussed the idea of starting one up with Sallie Mumford [Children and Families Minister], she was very supportive and fully behind it, so we started getting the paperwork organised and assembling a team.

“We planned our first session just after Easter and emailed the local schools and put up a poster on the church noticeboard.”

The club offers informal, freely accessible after-school sessions with the aim of building connections with families in the village who might not go to church or know much about the Christian faith.

“We start with biscuits and drinks, as the children are hungry when they come in straight from school. Then we have a chat and a game. After that, we say a quick prayer and read a story from the Brick Bible. We spend a few minutes discussing the story and talking about what God might be like. Then the children are asked to create something that caught their imagination from the story. At the end, we spend time doing a show and tell, where we look at all the Lego creations and I ask the children to tell us what they built and why. I use this to recap and reinforce the Biblical truth related to the story.”

Melinda goes on to explain how the club has grown in the three months since it started.

“It was a slow start, and for the first half term we were wondering if we should carry on, but we decided to give it more time and prayer. After that, more children started trickling in. Now we have about 20 children registered and news that the new children want to bring their friends too next term.”

Two school children building Lego

One of the children who attends the club, Marianna, said, “I love coming to the club as I’ve made friends here and like working out how to make scenes from the Bible in Lego.”

Melinda adds, “I think clubs like this are very important to share our faith with the next generation – our motto is ‘building faith, brick by brick’. I have a fantastic team who make running the club a fun activity through their enthusiasm and encouragement.

“Last term, we started with creation and finished with the battle of Jericho. We all are continuously amazed to see what wonderful and creative things the children produce each week. Recently, the children built the Ark of the Covenant complete with two angels facing each other, God in the form of a pillar of smoke and the River Jordan split for the Israelites to cross. Next term, we’ll be looking at stories about Jesus.”

The Lego Bible Club, for ages 6–11 years, runs during term time on Thursdays from 3.30-4.30pm at St Michael & All Angels, Bishop’s Cleeve. To find out more, visit www.stmichaelsbishopscleeve.co.uk

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