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Published: Tuesday August 30, 2022

Bishop Robert and Marion DavidBishop Robert meets the Assistant Operations Director at Trinity Cheltenham, Marion David, to talk about how care for the environment runs through everything they do as a church at Trinity.

Bishop Robert asks Marion how being a follower of Jesus Christ connects to her work at Trinity.

Marion says, “My journey to faith really brought me to a point where I could see God in nature – in the small and the big. There are so many aspects within the organisation, whether that’s small steps – like where we get our food from for catering, using local produce. We’ve changed all our halogen lightbulbs to LED1s. We’ve been encouraging people to bring their own drinks to church.”

As part of their ‘culture change’ to be a more environmentally sustainable church, Trinity carried out a survey.

Marion says, “The Eco Church Survey has been really helpful because it’s helped me to think not just in terms of my buildings and my recycling bins but also anything from teaching to worshipping, and when we worship how many of those songs are actually pointing to God and caring for the environment. But a lot of it is also about educating people – our brothers and sisters, our church leadership, PCC.”

Bishop Robert adds, “The risk assessment is brilliant because it says to us that whatever we are doing, how are we thinking about the environment? So, the environment doesn’t just become an add-on, it becomes part of our everyday stewardship and responsibility.”

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