End to Friday releases to cut crime and make streets safer

Published: Thursday June 23, 2022

Prisoners vulnerable to addiction, mental health issues or homelessness will no longer be released on Fridays under new plans to cut reoffending and make streets safer.

Figures show that around 1 in 3 offenders currently leave prison on a Friday – giving them just a few short hours to arrange a bed for the night, register with a GP and sign-up for job support to keep them on the straight and narrow before services shut down for the weekend.

This race against the clock can end up with ex-offenders spending their first days on the streets with little in the way of support – increasing the likelihood they will commit further crimes.

Bishop Rachel TreweekBishop Rachel said, “As Anglican Bishop for Prisons, I welcome the Government’s announcement that they will significantly reduce the number of people released from prison on a Friday. This is something that many people have been requesting for a long time, and it will help with finding accommodation and linking up with support services including registering with a GP. This move is an important step on the path to reducing reoffending and ensuring prison leavers are not hindered in their efforts to reintegrate back into society.”

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