Make it slavery free this Anti-Slavery Day

Published: Monday September 5, 2022

A man wearing a hoodie which hides his face. His clothing is made up of the faces of lots of different peopleOn 18 October, for Anti-Slavery Day, The Clewer Initiative is inviting churches, communities, businesses and individuals to sign the pledge to ‘Make It Slavery Free‘.

It’s a call for all of us to make our homes, churches, businesses and communities slavery-free.

In the UK, thousands of men, women and children are trapped in modern slavery and although it is a crime, it is present in every community. In 2021, 71 people were identified by the police or local authority to be potential victims of modern slavery in Gloucestershire.

Whether you’ve been working on anti-slavery projects for years or are only just hearing about this for the first time, we can all do something to help make our communities Slavery Free.

The Clewer Initiative is enabling Church of England dioceses and wider Church networks to develop strategies to detect modern slavery in their communities and help provide victim support and care.

It exists to raise awareness and mobilise the Church and communities to take action against modern slavery, promote victim identification and provide victim care and support.

Visit the Clewer Initiative website for more information and free resources.

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