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Published: Tuesday March 22, 2022

Make a difference Awards, with your local BBC Radio stationBishop Rachel is one of the judges in this year’s BBC Make A Difference Awards for 2022. She’s judging the Carer category and spoke to Mark Cummings on BBC Radio Gloucestershire on Monday 21 March. (Listen from 1:19 into the show.)

She said, “It’s so easy for us to hear all the bad news stories in the world and not to be inspired and encouraged by all the goodness, so I think this is a really exciting Make a Difference time.

“Rooted in my faith, as a follower of Christ, it’s really important to me that every person is seen as precious, unique, valued and for all of us to realise from the youngest to the oldest, that we can make a difference in our community.

“So often we can feel overwhelmed by life rather than realising all the small things that we can do that really do transform lives and communities, and indeed transform ourselves.”

Bishop Rachel says she is looking for people who are often hidden, who don’t draw attention to themselves and who are humble.

There are eight categories you can nominate someone for:


  1. Volunteer: Awarded to an individual who makes a real difference to the community by giving up their time voluntarily to help out a charity or good cause.
  2. Community Group: Awarded to a group of people who have helped to genuinely change the lives of others within the community.
  3. Fundraiser: Awarded to an individual or group of people who have gone the extra mile to raise funds for a charity or good cause.
  4. Carer: Awarded to someone who improves the life of an individual or group of people by caring for them on a regular basis.
  5. Great Neighbour: Awarded to an individual or group of people who help to make the neighbourhood or local community a better place to live or work, either on a regular basis or through a single act of kindness.
  6. Key Worker: Awarded to a key worker who’s gone above and beyond their call of duty to help others.
  7. Environmental Award: Awarded to an individual or group of people who help to make where we live more environmentally friendly.
  8. The Together Award: Awarded to an individual or group of people who create real change by breaking down barriers and bringing together people from different walks of life for a common cause.

BBC Make a Difference was launched in all 39 BBC Local Radio stations on 17 March 2020 in response to the pandemic. It was a tool to connect people with help in their community during the time they needed it most. We now use Make a Difference to highlight wonderful stories of people going above and beyond to help others – both Covid and non-Covid related.

The nominations will remain open until Friday 29 April, and then the first round of judging will take place during May when we shortlist four nominees in each category. The shortlist will then go to 8 further judges, who will each pick one winner for one category.

The awards ceremony for BBC Radio Gloucestershire will take place on Saturday 24 September during the afternoon. It’ll be a red carpet event and all those shortlisted will be invited, along with their friends and family.

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