This hub page brings together all sorts of events, teaching materials, resources and campaigns going on this Lent 2020.

All the resources are about us as individuals living in relationship with God, people and the whole of creation. The hope is that they will enable adults, children and households to discover new depths to prayer and spiritual growth and help nurture confident disciples of all ages to live out their faith seven days a week. Becoming better advocates for the flourishing of people and all creation is all part of everyday faith.

Conversations around faith

Bishop Rachel and Bishop Robert particularly hope that there will be a number of worshipping communities who use this Lent as an opportunity to seek out adults and young people who are wanting to explore what it might be to make a decision to follow Christ.

The Pilgrim Way Church of England booklet lent courseThe Bishops are asking people who are considering confirmation, to use the Pilgrim Way resource (see below) as well as consider coming to a big question and answer session in the Cathedral on Wednesday 1 April at 7pm.

For those who wish, there will be a diocesan baptism and confirmation service at the Cathedral on Easter Eve at 8pm before people are then welcomed in their local worshipping communities on Easter morning.  Please could you direct all enquiries about this to Di Best 

Bishop Rachel and Bishop Robert chat about The Pilgrim Way in our introductory video →
In the four short videos below, Bishop Rachel and Bishop Robert enter into a short conversation sparked by each of the sections outlined in The Church of England booklet The Pilgrim Way: The Apostles’ Creed; the Lord’s Prayer; the Commandments; and the Beatitudes. The bishops’ spontaneous conversations are not intended to be teaching tools but are an invitation to continue in conversation as you explore each of the short sections more deeply.
Watch the four conversations videos below

The Pilgrim Way Church of England booklet lent course

The Pilgrim Way ~ booklet

A simple guide to the beliefs that lie at the core of the Christian faith. Even if you are not familiar with the Apostles’ Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, the Commandments and Beatitudes, it is all simply explained. The online resource includes videos of real Christians sharing what helps them in their faith day by day.
Visit the Pilgrim Way website


Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is an annual call to prayer for people all around the world.
Latest info and resources for 2020


#LiveLent: Care for God’s Creation

The Church of England’s Lent Campaign for 2020. This year’s #LiveLent challenge offers 40 short reflections and suggested actions to help you, your family and your church live in greater harmony with God, neighbour and nature. It has been inspired and informed by the Archbishop of Canterbury’s 2020 Lent Book, Saying Yes to Life by Ruth Valerio (SPCK).
Visit www.churchofengland.org/livelent


Loved and Liked

Loved + Liked

A five-session Lent or study group outline with a follow-up celebration for Pentecost. It looks at questions of identity, calling and service, and includes amazing true stories of local people. There are free hard copies available to collect; contact Pauline Godfrey on to arrange collection.
Visit www.lovedandliked.life

Shapes for Living lent course 2019 2020Shapes for Living

A free 5-week Lent course to help you find balance in your life. ‘Life in all its fullness’ is the gift God wants for all of us, but if we are to live that calling well, we will need to find a sustainable, nurturing shape for our own lives, so easily over-busy with the stressful and overwhelming demands of modern living.
Visit the Shapes for Living page

‘Growing Together’, the new, free, monthly resource for schools and churches to share with households, has Lent as the focus for the March pages.

Additional resources that may be of interest

Pilgrim Journeys

Following a Church of England campaign in 2019, Pilgrim Journeys is a series of booklets which can be followed during Lent. Written by Bishop Steven Croft, each booklet offers 40 short daily Bible reflections, prayers, and suggestions for how you might respond to Jesus’ teachings in your own life.
Visit the Pilgrim Journeys webpage →

Lent prayer cardLent prayer card

The Worship, Prayer and Spirituality Group have produced a simple prayer card that can be used for reflection during Lent. For more prayer resources, visit the Prayer page.
Download the Lent prayer card here




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