Who’s who

Our administrative staff are headed up by Diocesan Secretary, Benjamin Preece Smith.
You can write to us at: Church House, College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LY.

Call us Church House reception: 01452 410022
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See also: Bishops and Senior Leadership

Church House administration

Assistant to Diocesan Secretary Kerry Pateman 01452 835512
Diocesan Mission Context Officer Clare Mouat 01452 835528
Life Development Officer Kathryn Warner 01452 835529

Communications and Engagement

Senior Communications Officer Katherine Clamp 01452 835591
Senior Communications Officer – Digital Sam Cavender 01452 835527

Resources Department

(includes Office Management, HR & Safeguarding, Finance, Church Buildings, and Property & Development)

Office Management

Office Manager and Assistant to Judith Knight Helen Crawford 01452 835589
Church House Receptionist and Administrative Assistant Laura Evans 01452 835531

HR & Safeguarding Team

Human Resources Advisor Alice Clark 01452 835558
DBS Administration Kate Peake 01452 835586
Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor Becca Faal 01452 835516
Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor Brett Riches 01452 835516

Church Buildings and Diocesan Advisory Committee

Church Buildings Officer & DAC Secretary Adam Klups 01452 835567
Church Buildings Administrator Catherine McGirr 01452 835593

Finance Team

Finance Manager Deb Smith 01452 835519
Finance Officer Harriet Fletcher is currently on maternity leave. Justyna Stawarz is covering for her. 01452 835521
Finance Assistant Gemma Dee 01452 835520
Finance Assistant Mina Chapman 01452 835598
General Enquiries

Property & Development Team

Reactive Maintenance Officer Chris Swioklo 01452 835577
Property Surveyor Craig Smith  01452 835596
Property Administrator Mary Coates 01452 835530

Education Department

Administrator – Education Team Fay Price 01452 835539
Deputy Director of Education Jo Munn 01452 835574
Strategic Lead for Governance Linda Rolfe 01452 835536
Strategic Lead for Governance Nicki Wadley 01452 835542
Strategic Lead for Buildings, Admissions and Trusts David Williams 01452 835537
Strategic Lead for Religious Education & School Christian Character Debbie Helme 01452 835550
Administrator -Buildings and Finance Clare Woodman 01452 835557
Administrator – SIAMS Rowan Scott-Berry 01452 835559
Administrator – Jumping Fish Sarah Major 01452 835560
General Enquiries 01452 835539

Mission and Ministry Department

Postal address: Mission and Ministry Department, 4 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LR

Head of Discipleship and Vocations, and Deputy Director Pauline Godfrey 01452 835548
Head of Ministerial Development and Deputy Director Ian Bussell 01452 835545
Diocesan Director of Ordinands and Warden of Readers Ann Sargent 01452 835547
Associate Director of Ordinands & Vocations Advisor Sam Norton 01452 835566
Mission and Evangelism Officer Cate Williams is currently working part-time, and is part-time on furlough. 01452 835543
Spirituality and Worship Officer Julie Fay
Children and Families Officer Jo Wetherall is currently working part-time, and is part-time on furlough. 01452 835552
Personal Assisstant to Andrew Braddock, Administrator for Ian Bussell Ruth Cameron 01452 835551
Reader Registrar / Administrative Officer Natasha Kent is currently on furlough absence. Please direct your enquiry to Andrew Braddock who will be able to help. 01452 835544
DDO Secretary Julie O’Keefe 01452 835554
Accord Pastoral Coordinator Victoria Braddock is currently on furlough absence. Please direct your enquiry to Andrew Braddock who will be able to help. 01452 835546
Administrative Assistant Rebecca Paisley is currently on furlough absence. Please direct your enquiry to Andrew Braddock who will be able to help. 01452 835540

Mission and Ministry Advisors

Bishop’s Adviser for the Ministry of Healing and Wholeness Sheila Appleton 07946 723851
Diocesan Ecumenical Officer Jacqui Hyde 01452 713421
County Ecumenical Officer Alison Evans 01453 824034
Civil Protection Advisor Peter Cheesman 01452 740533
Environment Adviser Arthur Champion 01242 665152
Chaplain Among Deaf and Hard of Hearing People Steve Morris 01452 720985
Inter-faith Advisor Simon Howell 01453 350387
Senior Interim Minister Tudor Griffiths
Diocesan Spirituality Advisor Liz Palin
Clergy Widows Officer (Cheltenham Archdeaconry) Paul Youde 01242 463174
Clergy Widows Officer (Gloucester Archdeaconry) Paul Wilkinson 01452 504457
Retirement Officer (Cheltenham Archdeaconry) Michael Sanders
Retirement Officer (Gloucester Archdeaconry) Mike Parsons 01452 308227

Parish Giving Scheme

Visit the Parish Giving Scheme website



Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust (DGAT)

Postal address: DGAT, 4 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LR

Chief Executive – Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust Rachel Howie 01452 835578
Deputy CEO Helen Springett 01452 835585
Company Secretary Ellie Hully 01452 835597
Executive Officer Emma Anderson 01452 835565
Head of Business and Operations Rob Jones 01452 835569
Head of Finance Nick Patten 01452 835538
Finance Lead Claire Morgan 01452 835579
Finance Lead Chris Thompson 01452 835556
Finance Lead Katy Graham 01452 835587
Finance Assistant Steve Green 01452 835572

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