Who’s who

Our administrative staff are headed up by Diocesan Secretary, Benjamin Preece Smith.
You can write to us at: Church House, College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LY.

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Church House administration

Diocesan Secretary Ben Preece Smith, Diocese of Gloucester

Benjamin Preece Smith

Diocesan Secretary
Call us 01452 835523
Email us any timebpreecesmith@glosdioc.org.uk

Assistant to Diocesan Secretary Kerry Pateman 01452 835512 kpateman@glosdioc.org.uk
Head of Communications Lucy Taylor 01452 835515 ltaylor@glosdioc.org.uk
Senior Communications Officer Katherine Clamp 01452 835591 kclamp@glosdioc.org.uk
Senior Communications Officer – Digital Sam Cavender 01452 835591 scavender@glosdioc.org.uk
Deputy Diocesan Secretary and Head of HR & Safeguarding Judith Knight 01452 835526 jknight@glosdioc.org.uk
Human Resources Advisor Alice Clark 01452 835558 aclark@glosdioc.org.uk
DBS Administration Kate Peake 01452 835586 kpeake@glosdioc.org.uk
Diocesan Safeguarding Officer Becca Faal 01452 835516 bfaal@glosdioc.org.uk
Diocesan Safeguarding Officer Brett Riches 01452 835516 briches@glosdioc.org.uk
Office Manager and Assistant to Judith Knight Helen Crawford 01452 835589 hcrawford@glosdioc.org.uk
Church House Receptionist Becky Faull 01452 835531 reception@glosdioc.org.uk
Vision Support Officer Helen Wolfson hwolfson@glosdioc.org.uk

Church Buildings and Diocesan Advisory Committee

Natalie Fenner

Natalie Fenner

Senior Church Buildings Officer
Call us 01452 835593
Email us any timenfenner@glosdioc.org.uk

Church Buildings Officer & DAC Secretary Adam Klups 01452 835567 aklups@glosdioc.org.uk 

Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust (DGAT)

Chief Executive Rachel Howie 01452 835542 rhowie@glosdioc.org.uk
Chief Operating Officer Kerry Brimfield 01452 835565 KBrimfield@glosdioc.org.uk
Executive Officer Ellie Hully 01452 835556 ehully@glosdioc.org.uk
Head of School Improvement Helen Springett 01452 835573 hspringett@glosdioc.org.uk
Accountant Nick Patten 01452 835538 npatten@glosdioc.org.uk
Operations Manager Rob Jones 01452 835569 rjones@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance and Academy Support Officer Claire Morgan 01452 835579 CMorgan@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance and Academy Support Officer Chris Thompson 01452 835574 cthompson@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance and Academy Support Officer Steve Green 01452 835572 sgreen@glosdioc.org.uk

Education Department

Rachel Howie

Rachel Howie

Director of Education
Call us 01452 835542
Email us any timerhowie@glosdioc.org.uk

Email us anytime at church.house@glosdioc.org.ukeducation@glosdioc.org.uk

Postal address: Education Department, 4 College Green, Gloucester, GL1 2LR

PA to Director of Education and Education Team Administrator Fay Price 01452 835539 fprice@glosdioc.org.uk
Deputy Director of Education Jo Munn 01452 835574 jmunn@glosdioc.org.uk
Strategic Lead for Governance Linda Rolfe 01452 835536 lrolfe@glosdioc.org.uk
Strategic Lead for Buildings Robert Stephens 01452 835537 rstephens@glosdioc.org.uk
Strategic Lead for Christian Character William Bruce 01452 835559 wbruce@glosdioc.org.uk
Admin for Buildings and Finance Clare Woodman 01452 835557 cwoodman@glosdioc.org.uk
RE Advisor Debbie Helme 01452 835550 dhelme@glosdioc.org.uk
General Enquiries 01452 835539 education@glosdioc.org.uk

Finance Department

Julie Ridgway

Julie Ridgway

Head of Finance
Call us 01452 835564
Email us any timejridgway@glosdioc.org.uk


Diocesan Finance Officer Jessica Ahern 01452 835519 jahern@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance Officer Harriet Fletcher 01452 835521 hfletcher@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance Assistant Gemma Dee 01452 835520 gdee@glosdioc.org.uk
Finance Assistant Clare Morris 01452 835598 cmorris@glosdioc.org.uk

Mission and Ministry Department

Andrew Braddock

Andrew Braddock

Director of Mission and Ministry
Call us 01452 835549
Email us any timeabraddock@glosdioc.org.uk

Director of Ordinands and Deputy Director Ian Bussell 01452 835545 ibussell@glosdioc.org.uk
Associate DDO and Warden of Readers David Runcorn 07870 331537 druncorn@glosdioc.org.uk
Head of Discipleship and Vocations and Deputy Director Pauline Godfrey 01452 835548 pgodfrey@glosdioc.org.uk
Mission and Evangelism Officer Cate Williams 01452 835543 cwilliams@glosdioc.org.uk
Spirituality and Worship Officer Julie Fay 01452 835582 jfay@glosdioc.org.uk
Children and Families Officer Jo Wetherall 01452 835552 jwetherall@glosdioc.org.uk
Self-Supporting Ministry Officer Nick Fisher 01451 861195 nick@5fishers.co.uk
PA / Team Administrator Iona Bird 01452 835551 ibird@glosdioc.org.uk
Administrative Officer Natasha Kent 01452 835544 nkent@glosdioc.org.uk
DDO Secretary Julie O’Keefe 01452 835554 jo’keefe@glosdioc.org.uk
Accord Administrator Victoria Braddock 01452 835546 accordcourses@glosdioc.org.uk

Mission and Ministry Advisors

Bishop’s Adviser for the Ministry of Healing and Wholeness Sheila Appleton  07946 723851 appletonsma733@gmail.com
Adviser for the Ministry of Ordained Women Jan van der Lely janvanderlely@gmail.com
Diocesan Ecumenical Officer Jacqui Hyde 01452 713421 revdjacqui@talktalk.net
County Ecumenical Officer Alison Evans 01453 824034 Malcolm.alison@btinternet.com
Civil Protection Advisor Peter Cheesman 01452 740533 pcheesman@glosdioc.org.uk
Environment Adviser Arthur Champion 01242 665152 championarthur@googlemail.com
Chaplain Among Deaf and Hard of Hearing People Steve Morris 01452 720985 spadework22@gmail.com
Inter-faith Advisor Simon Howell 01453 350387 revsimonhowell@talktalk.net
Link Officer with the Committee for
Minority Ethnic Anglican Concerns
Frances Quist  01452 300388 francesquist@btinternet.com
Diocesan Spirituality Advisor Liz Palin liz.palin@gmail.com
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Clergy Widows Officer (Cheltenham Archdeaconry) Paul Youde 01242 463174 paul.youde@yahoo.co.uk
Clergy Widows Officer (Gloucester Archdeaconry) Paul Wilkinson 01452 504457 pandjwilkinson@hotmail.co.uk
Retirement Officer (Cheltenham Archdeaconry) Michael Sanders mbsanders45@gmail.com
Retirement Officer (Gloucester Archdeaconry) Mike Parsons 01452 308227 mwsp@btinternet.com

Parish Giving Scheme

Helen Richardson

Helen Richardson

Call us 01452 835522
Email us any timeceo@parishgivingscheme.org.uk

PGS Operations Manager Helen Taylor 01452 835533 Helen@parishgivingscheme.org.uk
PGS Officer Gail Harrison 01452 835525 Gail@parishgivingscheme.org.uk
PGS Officer Sue Strawbridge strawbridge@parishgivingscheme.org.uk
PGS Supervisor Steph Hartley 01452 835595 Steph@parishgivingscheme.org.uk
PGS Administrator Kim Carter 01452 835595 Kim@parishgivingscheme.org.uk

Property Department

Head of Property and Development Colin Scorer 01452 835592 cscorer@glosdioc.org.uk
Senior Surveyor Tim Ibbetson 01452 835596 TIbbetson@glosdioc.org.uk
Surveyor Craig Smith  01452 835577 csmith@glosdioc.org.uk
Property Administrator Mary Coates 01452 835530 MCoates@glosdioc.org.uk

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