Getting connected using digital tools

Although learning new things during societal upheaval is not ideal (!), there are some brilliant tools freely available which can help us with otherwise impossible tasks.

And though this is a good time in some contexts to try new things, it is of course perfectly ok for churches to opt-out and focus offline ~ instead signposting people to churches in your area who are accessible online, should people wish to connect in that way.

A new set of Virtual meetings Safeguarding guidelines is now available
A quick tutorial on livestreaming, even without wifi in your church building
Join a Church of England webinar to find out how to get your church connected
Register a 24-7 Prayer Room, for free, here

Facilitating meetings:

Free to use (up to 100 people on the video or phonecall). You don’t need to download an app. Can use a ‘code’ for people to be able to join a call
Free accounts, available on all devices, relies on the smartphone app.
Google Hangouts
Free and available on all devices. Does require a Google account.

Pastoral visits:

A phonecall will be the favourite method for a lot of people who do not use web services. Where possible though, talking face to face, even online, can make a big difference. Using FaceTime, Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp video calls you can connect, pastorally, with those who need face-to-face connection during this time, especially for those vulnerable or at risk from COVID-19, those living alone, those in isolation or who have self-isolated.

You only need a smartphone or a computer to make this possible, without cost and without leaving your home.

Facebook video call using the Messenger app

Facebook video calling with a group



St Michael’s Bishop’s Cleeve goes live
Cinderford churches streaming content



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