Guidance for our worshipping communities

National guidance

National, daily-updated Church of England guidance

Safeguarding in the Diocese of Gloucester

Safeguarding hub page
Volunteering in Coronavirus times: Safeguarding guidelines
Virtual meetings in Coronavirus times: Safeguarding guidelines
Volunteer info for collection & delivery of community food

Diocesan information

Wedding banns: Note for applicants for common licence
Questionnaire for completion by applicants seeking marriage in church by common licence
APCMs, Visitations, PCCs and Marriage Common Licences
Advice of Gloucester DAC – updated advice on work affecting church building and their interiors.
Supporting Funeral Ministry ~ Diocese-wide Co-ordination for Cover
Mar 30: Finance letter for Clergy, Church Wardens, Treasurers, Deanery Treasurers and Deanery Parish Share Officers
Coronavirus Job Retention – furlouging advice and guidance
Property Team Coronavirus update
Coronavirus Job Retention – furlouging advice and guidance
Template: Temporary church building closure notice
Caring for church buildings during the pandemic – advice for parishes
Cancellation of PCC meetings

Getting connected using digital tools

Examples, details and advice on some great free digital tools
Safeguarding guidelines for Virtual meetings
Basic livestreaming, even without wifi
Facebook group for clergy
Zoom – A free video meetings application

External links:

Gloucestershire County Council Covid-19 hub
Covid Mutual Aid
~ Resources & templates for people supporting the vulnerable

Diocese of St Albans: considering the vulnerable
Guidance for ministers as crises deepen