We are encouraging all organisations, big or small, to run a FestivALL event between 17 May-17 June to celebrate the communities in which we live and work.

The ethos of FestivALL is about bringing people together, building new relationships and strengthening existing partnerships.  With that in mind FestivALL is a perfect opportunity to collaborate with others in your community to organise and run an event.

Collaborating on an event with another group or organisation can bring fantastic opportunities – to share ideas, draw on different strengths and work together to create something really unique. It also provides an opportunity to bring people together who might not otherwise get a chance to meet.

On this page you will find guides and useful information; from arranging a coffee morning to requesting a road closure for a street party. There is also a link below to some resources about how to make your event inclusive of people with disabilities.

Active Impact
Active Impact is  happy to offer support and advice to groups and organisations that are looking to ensure their events are inclusive of disabled people. Go to the Active Impact website  to view some online resources, or speak to Nicole Hastie on 01453 298337 / nicole@activeimpact.org.uk Nicole will do her best to answer any questions about accessibility that you may have.

Guide to putting on a Coffee Morning

How to run a street party

Department for communities and local government, guide to putting on a street party 

Traditional Games – Whatever your community gathering is centered on, fun is always had with traditional games – sack races, egg and spoon, three-legged races etc.  Many schools have the sacks, ties and the like necessary for making this work, so a partnership with a school could work well.

Ideas for children’s group games click here or on the ‘How to Run a Street Party’ link above which describes 40+ games and activities.

Community Through Sport – Sport enables people to form a bond.  They share a common interest and have a common ground for communicating which can develop into friendship. Going to a local park or hall for a sport brings together adults and children. For example just having a five-a-side game of football involves players, supporters and of course those who provide refreshments.

Activities can be arranged in partnership with organisations in your area. These may include; County Sports Partnerships, National Governing Bodies and School Sport Partnerships, authorities and community groups. Working in partnership enables a sharing of resources and expertise. It facilitates conversation leading to friendships and possibly more opportunities.

Getting creative– Gathering people to do creative things is a great way to get to know your local community.

All ages  enjoy setting time aside to knit, sew, draw and create and to meet up for a chat over a cup of tea and biscuit.

Community green spaces, wildlife and activities. – Bring people together with tasks that are varied and interesting. These may include creating compost heaps, putting up bird and bat boxes, finding out what species of wildflowers there are, scything meadow areas, dry stone walling and tree pruning. As an example churchyards can offer a great community space to do all of these kind of things.

Need inspiration for an event..
For examples of community groups who have found inexpensive and creative ways to come together, visit the ‘Stories’ section of the Barnwood Trust website here