Embed Diocesan News

The latest diocesan news is available as a feed which can be viewed here:
RSS feed icongloucester.anglican.org/news-events/latest-news/feed/

Other news feeds:

Any specific tag or category on the diocesan website can also be accessed as a news feed by simply appending the word ‘feed’ to the URL. For example, posts tagged ‘Blog’ are available
via: gloucester.anglican.org/tag/blog/ and therefore the feed is via: gloucester.anglican.org/tag/blog/feed

Example ‘latest news’ feed:

Embed this news feed in your website:

  1. Visit https://rss.bloople.net
  2. Use the address of the RSS feed you want to embed (ours is https://www.gloucester.anglican.org/news-events/latest-news/feed)
  3. The bloople site will generate the html code that you can embed anywhere